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Carpet Cleaning Airdrie

Do you need professional carpet cleaning service in Airdrie?

Carpet Cleaning in Airdrie | Carpets Dry Just in 1 Hour!

Get the utmost carpet cleaning service in Airdrie! Book your service today! Call us for a FREE Estimate or request your quote online!

Carpets Dry in 1 Hour

Eco-Friendly Solutions
Free Instant Quotes
Safe Products for Your Family and Pets
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Owner-Operated Carpet Cleaning Company

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Airdrie

Are you ready to get your carpets sparkling again by eliminating dirt, stains, or soil from your carpets? You've come to the right place! As a local service provider in Airdrie, Alberta, we value your experience and prioritize your comfort and health.

What You Can Expect From OneTwoClean:

✓ Free Instant Quotes
✓ Upfront Pricing
✓ 100% Quality Guaranteed
✓ Professional Techniques and Equipment 

✓ Eco-Friendly Solutions

carpet cleaning airdrie

Safe for You, Your Family and Your Pets

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Airdrie

Carpet cleaning in Airdrie is a necessary activity that helps to keep your home fresh and clean. It's essential, however, to choose a carpet cleaning service that is both environmentally friendly and effective.

At OneTwoClean, we are committed to providing eco-friendly carpet cleaning services to our customers. As Airdrie carpet cleaning specialists, we use only proven cleaning solutions which are safe for your carpets, your family, and the environment.

Our cleaning solutions are biodegradable, non-toxic, and free of harsh chemicals. They effectively remove dirt, stains, and allergens from your carpets without leaving any sticky residue. In addition, we use high-efficiency equipment that uses less water and energy, reducing our environmental impact.

At OneTwoClean are proud to provide carpet cleaning services to Airdrie residents. The quality and safety of our services are of the utmost importance to us. Quality is not something you can compromise on! 

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Easy Online Booking

With only a few clicks, you can schedule services online.

eco-friendly carpet cleaning airdre
Carpet Cleaning with Care

Best carpet cleaning products to ensure the best possible cleaning results.

quality and affordable carpet cleaining in airdrie
Clean and Healthy Carpets

Enjoy healthy and freshly cleaned carpets for you and your family.

What Set Us Apart?

Not Yet Another Carpet Cleaning Company in Airdrie

We strive to be your go-to for eco-friendly, professional carpet cleaning in Airdrie. The foundation of our business relies on the principles of integrity, responsibility, transparency, and professionalism. We make sure to keep you informed and involved throughout the process, ensuring your satisfaction. Trust us to give your carpets a fresh start and leave your home feeling revitalized. Choose OneTwoClean for a personalized, inspiring cleaning experience.

Quality Steam Carpet Cleaning

Are you looking for steam carpet cleaning in Airdrie? At OneTwoClean, we also provide steam carpet cleaning service at a competitive price and on a convenient schedule.

Steam carpet cleaning (also known as hot water extraction) is the traditional and most popular method for carpet cleaning in Airdrie. Steam carpet cleaning entails applying pressurized hot water (steam) onto the carpet to loosen and remove dirt, grime, stains, and other pollutants.  


Our powerful hot water and suction equipment will blast away soil, spills, and allergens, restoring your carpets to their best. Not only will your carpets look clean, but our steam carpet cleaning process will improve the air quality in your home because steam carpet cleaning in Airdrie is one of the keys to a healthier and cleaner home.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Service in Airdrie

Carpets Dry in Only 1 Hour!

In search of a carpet cleaning service that's both powerful and with minimal drying time in Airdrie? Look no further than our Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning method! As Airdrie carpet cleaning specialists, we use this cutting-edge technology that uses minimal water to deliver powerful dirt-fighting results and allows your carpets to dry in just 1 hour! Say goodbye to long wait times and soggy carpets, and say hello to clean floors which are ready to enjoy in no time. We also use eco-friendly solutions to clean your carpets so you can feel good knowing you, your family, and your pets are safe. Contact us today to book your appointment and experience the difference!

Benefits Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

+ Quick Dry Time - Only About 1 Hour!

+ Stains Do Not Reappear 

+ Prevents Mould Growth and Mildew

+ Environmentally Friendly Products

+ Carpet Stays Clean Longer with No Sticky Residue

dry carpet cleaning in Airdrie

Deep Carpet Cleaning in Airdrie

Affordable Carpet Cleaning in Airdrie

OneTwoClean is a local and owner-operated business for carpet cleaning in Airdrie. Ensure the highest level of detail for your carpet cleaning project with the assistance of our professional carpet cleaning technicians.

We specialize in carpet cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning & polish, and pet stains/odour treatment in Airdrie. We work hard to make your floors clean floors with healthier air in your house. We’ll help you reduce the number of bacteria, germs, and contaminants that can cause allergic reactions or respiratory problems.

Call us at 403-690-0244 to speak with us about your carpet cleaning need in Airdrie, or book your service online.

Trusted Carpet Cleaners

The Carpet Cleaning Service You Need in Airdrie

Choosing the right carpet cleaner in Airdrie can be challenging, and we're here to show you how we're different.

  • Upon arrival, we carefully assess your carpet based on the soil level, stain, and dirt types to identify the most effective cleaning method.

  • Next, we set up and prepare our equipment to perform the carpet cleaning process.

  • After that, we apply our non-toxic, family and pet-safe solutions that penetrate and break up the grime, stains, and dirt.

  • Then, we perform an extraction process to remove all the dirt and grime and reduce the number of bacteria and allergens. This process leaves NO residue, so your carpets last clean longer. 

  • Lastly, we perform post-inspection to make sure you like the final result.

eco-friendly carpet cleaning calgary

Eco-Friendly products

carpet cleaning fast dry calgary

Less Water


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Convenient Communication

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same day carpet cleaning calgary

Flexible Service Times

Pet Stains and Odour Treatment

Carpet Cleaning in Airdrie for Pet Owners

You know how much joy your furry friend adds to your life if you're a pet owner in Airdrie. While you understand the benefits of it, you also understand its challenges, especially keeping your carpets clean and odourless. Pet hair, dander, dirt, and accidents can all leave your carpets looking and smelling less than fresh. That's where our professional carpet cleaning service in Airdrie comes in! 

Odours and stains associated with pets are challenging to remove just with regular vacuuming and DIY cleaning. Our specialized pet stains and odour treatment can bring freshness and cleanliness to your carpet.

It is important to us that the services we offer are safe for your pets since they are a part of your family. Trust us to keep your carpets looking and smelling fresh, even with your beloved pets around. Contact us today to schedule your next professional carpet cleaning service in Airdrie!

Call us today at 403-690-0244 for a Free Estimate!

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Preferred Airdrie Carpet Cleaning Service

Masters of Deep Carpet Cleaning in Airdrie

Our cleaning technicians have experience, are polite, uniformed, and arrive on time. With our professional solutions and tools, dirt, grease, and grime have no chance against us.

You can count on OneTwoClean for top-of-the-line carpet cleaning in Airdrie and Surrounding areas. We strive to deliver only the best customer service to you and your home. 

Your satisfaction with our carpet cleaning in Airdrie is a top priority to the OneTwoClean company. It's important to us that you get a quality carpet cleaning service. OneTwoClean only uses the best and industry-standard cleaning solutions produced by leading manufacturers. In addition, our solutions are environmentally friendly and safe for your family and pets. 

Experts In Carpet Cleaning Near You

We are the Expert Carpet Cleaning Service Near You!

OneTwoClean Carpet Cleaning services Airdrie, Alberta, and its surrounding areas! Discover how we can help you wherever you are! Check out our service locations below!

Beyond Carpet Cleaning

More Than Just a Local Airdrie Carpet Cleaning Service

In addition to carpet cleaning, we have expertise in pet urine stains and odour cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, and stain removal. Learn more about our other cleaning services in Airdrie by clicking the buttons below!

airdrie affordable carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Service

commercial carpet cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

professional hardwood floor cleaning

Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Polishing 

dog urine removal from carpet airdrie

Pet Stain and Odour Treatment

What Our Clients Say

Madisen H.

So easy to book online. Very friendly, excellent quality, professional, knowledgeable and great price! I am very happy with my experience. I will definitely be using them again

Daria L.

Fast and quality service. Friendly, accurate and knowledgeable specialist arrived on time. I could not believe my eyes when he was done cleaning how carpets changed. Especially the stairs!

Rheal B.

Very impressed with quality and price. Our carpet looks and smells new again. Thank you!

Discover Airdrie Carpet Cleaning With OneTwoClean

5 Reasons To Have Regular Carpet Cleaning

Getting professional carpet cleaning services in Airdrie, Alberta, and surrounding areas isn't a one-time event. You might think that vacuuming every other week and cleaning up spills is all you need to do for your carpets. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

Getting trusted professional help is essential if you care about the longevity of your carpets.

1. Improve Aesthetics
You don't like coming to a home with dirty, odorous carpets, do you? That's a fact we didn't think so either. Regular carpet cleaning will keep your carpets looking pristine for longer than your usual vacuuming could. A professional treatment can prevent severe stains and imperfections. 

2. Reduce Allergies
Allergy sufferers should invest in frequent carpet cleaning. Carpets can carry bacteria and dead skin cells into the air, aggravating allergies and even causing chronic illnesses in some cases. Regular deep cleaning can drastically reduce allergies year-round.

3. Easy To Maintain
Deep and stubborn stains can be tough to remove. Maintenance will be much easier for you with simple vacuuming after you hire professional cleaners who keep your carpet fibres soft and clean.

4. Extend the lifespan of your carpet
The lifespan of a carpet is limited. Keeping your carpet clean consistently is the best way to prolong its life. You can add years to carpets' life by cleaning them regularly.

5. Your carpets are dirtier than you think

Take a look at your carpets for a moment. Do you think your carpets are clean enough? Despite their appearance, they can conceal enormous quantities of dust, dirt, and bacteria just waiting to be released into the air and wreak havoc on you. A regular, professional carpet cleaning will make your carpet look just as pristine on the surface as it will at its roots.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Carpet Cleaning Service You Can Count On

At least once or twice a year, carpets should be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner in Airdrie, depending on the amount of traffic they receive. Staying on top of carpet cleaning is essential for heavily used carpets since dirt and bacteria make them potentially harmful to health, and carpet fibres wear out much faster. 

Dirt and stains are no longer a reason to tear up your carpets. Just call OnetwoClean - a professional carpet cleaner in Airdrie. With our services, you'll be able to save money and time while making your home healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

Our goal is to provide dependable services for carpet cleaning at a reasonable price. We utilize the latest techniques and the industry's best cleaning solutions to bring the best carpet cleaning service in Airdrie to your home.

carpet cleaner airdrie
professional carpet cleaning in calgary

Keep Your Home or Business Clean & Healthy With Our Carpet Cleaning Service in Airdrie, Alberta.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for my appointment? 

  • Please remove clothing, toys, and other small items from the floor. Ensure that the floor is clear of any clutter. 

  • Place any small light furniture pieces and any breakable items in a location that will not be in someone's way during the cleaning process. 

  • Put your pets in a safe place out of the work areas. 

  • Ensure there is a parking spot available nearby the entrance.

How long does it take for my carpet to dry?

  • After hot water extraction (steam) cleaning, it will take 8-14 hours to dry, depending on the time of year. Based on the temperature, it may dry more quickly or more slowly. If we perform a low moisture carpet cleaning process it usually takes only 1-2 hours to dry.

What is the recommended frequency of professional carpet cleaning?

  • Keeping your carpet looking its best requires a professional carpet cleaning every 12 to 18 months. 

Is it okay if I'm not home when the carpet is being cleaned?

  • Not a problem! Even if you're not at home, we can clean your carpets. Our cleaning team will notify you when they arrive, begin, and complete their work. Then, we will email you a detailed photo report. Please note we expect an advance payment if you are not present during the service.

Peace of Mind Promise

If you aren't happy with our service, we'll come back and clean it again for free!

If you observed any problem areas during the first visit, please request that our technicians re-clean them. We will return free of charge whenever stains appear again within seven days. For peace of mind, OneTwoClean carries a 2 million dollar liability insurance policy. Let us earn your business. We guarantee you'll be happy you did!

OneTwoClean proudly provides professional carpet cleaning services in Calgary, Alberta, and surrounding areas, including Airdrie, Chestermere, Okotoks, Cochrane, Balzac, De Winton, Langdon, and more.

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