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Hardwood Screen and Recoat Service in Calgary

Screen and Recoat in Calgary and Surrounding Areas

The screen and recoat process (also known as "light refinishing") for hardwood floors is a cost-effective way to fix or restore worn or dull floors. You can revitalize your flooring to its former beauty instead of paying for full refinishing it completely, as well as remove most minor scratches and imperfections. Periodic resurfacing services can protect, minimize, or eliminate the need for complete refinishing at a later date.


We can help to restore the original shine of your wood floors without the dust, mess, or odour typically associated with hardwood floor refinishing in Calgary.

What is Screen and Recoat?

Screen and recoat involves abrasion of the existing finish and application of one or two coats of the new finish. The screen & recoat process restores the natural lustre, removes minor scratches, and leaves your hardwood floors looking new again. Screen and Recoat is a time and money-saving process with no mess around or heavy fumes compared to sanding/refinishing. 


Increases the aesthetic appeal of floors

Removes superficial scratches and imperfections

Option to change the gloss of the floor

Added protection from scratches.

Save up to 75% over full sanding and refinishing

Prolongs the lifespan of hardwood flooring

Mostly only a 1-day process.

Screen and Recoat vs. Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing

A screen and recoat abrades only the top layer of the existing floor finish from hardwood floors. Then we apply two coats of the new finish. There is the option of changing the sheen of a finish.
Sanding and refinishing removes all the finish, colour, and top layer of wood. Raw wood is all that remains. Sanding removes superficial scratches and deep gouges and allows you to choose a new colour and change the finish type.

Signs That Your Hardwood Floor Needs Screen and Recoat 

Minor Visible Scratches & Dents
Scuff marks or scratches on your hardwood floors signal that it needs screen and recoat service. As a result of daily wear and tear, your floor accumulates scars and defects. You can see visible marks on your hardwood from dragging furniture, claw marks from pets, and heavy foot traffic.

The loss of gloss
If your hardwood floors have lost their shine since being first installed, you should consider applying a new coating. Additionally, a lack of gloss indicates that the top layer of polyurethane coating has worn out, making it weaker to protect against deeper scratches and scuffs. 

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hardwood floor screen and recoat calgary
Signs for Screen and Recoat
Sanding and Refinishing Required
when do you need hardwood screnn and recoat service

When is a Screen & Recoat Not Applicable?

1. Screen and recoat service is not applicable if your hardwood flooring has been finished with waxes or maintained with improper cleaners like oil soaps, polishers, and shiners. Essentially, this is because a fresh coat of polyurethane will not adhere to them. We need to remove wax build-up before we start the screen and recoat process.

2. The floors are NOT solid wood (engineered floors may have Aluminum Oxide, which will prevent the new finish bonding)

3. You want to change the stain (colour) of your floors. The only way to change the colour of your flooring is to sand them completely down to the raw hardwood and then apply stain.

4. There are an excessive number of deep scratches in the wood and stain. If there are multiple spots of missing colour (stain), water damage, pet stains and pet urine odour issues.

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