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dry carpet cleaning calgary. carpets dry in 1 hour

Fast-Drying Carpet Cleaning in Calgary

Dry carpet cleaning from Calgary's Carpet Cleaning experts. With our unique cleaning process, your carpets will dry in just 1 hour! Book online or call the professionals at OneTwoClean today!

✔ Carpets Dry in 1 Hour!

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Very Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning in Calgary

What is Fast-Drying Carpet Cleaning in Calgary?

Need carpet cleaning in Calgary with super fast drying time? Using Very Low Moisture (VLM) or encapsulation carpet cleaning minimizes water usage and ensures rapid drying within about 1 hour! Our most requested method of carpet cleaning in Calgary is Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning (also known as dry carpet cleaning) which is a relatively new technology, especially compared to steam carpet cleaning. This technology has emerged to minimize water use while offering the same stain-fighting power. Compared to traditional carpet cleaning, this method allows carpets to dry fast in about 1 Hour!

The traditional method of cleaning carpets involves injecting large amounts of hot water under high pressure into the carpet mixed with cleaning solution and then vacuuming the water with all the dirt and soil away. Steam Cleaning is ideal for heavy soiling and stains lodged deep into the carpet fibres. The downside of hot water extraction (steam) cleaning is that your carpet will take a long time to dry, so you cannot use it immediately. Furthermore, excessive water use may harm newer carpets with minimal stains and cause more harm than good. As a result, VLM carpet cleaning is getting increasingly popular. 

dry carpet cleaning calgary

VLM Carpet Cleaning in Calgary: how does it work?

Here at OneTwoClean, we take full advantage of VLM carpet cleaning technology. We apply specially designed cleaning solutions mixed with water and spray it into the carpet. Once this cleaning solution hits the carpet fibres, it begins to break down soil and grime. Next, we use sophisticated rotating/orbital machines and efficiently remove and extract all the dirt and grime. The carpet dries faster, so you can use it right after cleaning because we use less water than in traditional hot water extraction. Based on the carpet's size and type, the drying process can take only one or two hours. Since VLM carpet cleaning provides a quick-drying solution, you can use your carpet immediately without inconveniencing your lifestyle.

Our Process:

Our first step is to inspect the carpet, paying close attention to areas that might need more attention. In this step, We can give you all the details and set expectations for how a carpet will look after cleaning.

Then we thoroughly vacuum the carpet to remove dry soil, dust, and solid debris.

The third step is applying signature pre-spray to break down stubborn stains and soil left from spills and foot traffic.

Then OneTwoClean technician will use an orbital or rotary carpet cleaning machine outfitted with special carpet cleaning pads.

  • The pads work with our cleaning machines to gently scrub carpet fibres from the base. 

  • To ensure carpet fibres are clean from multiple directions, we'll make several passes over them in different directions. 

Lastly, we will use a carpet rake to "groom" your carpet, lifting the fibres back into place.

This process can help restore the look and feel of your carpet pile in areas that have become matted down due to high traffic.

Are you interested in the VLM carpet cleaning service in Calgary?

Contact us today!

We also provide carpet cleaning services in Airdrie, Chestermere, Okotoks, Balzac, Cochrane, Langdon, and surrounding areas.

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