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wood floor refinishing in Calgary

Calgary Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Only a Day

Sandless Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Calgary and Area

Sandless refinishing (known as "screen and recoat", "light refinishing" or "buff and coat") for hardwood floors is a cost-effective way to fix or restore worn or dull floors by improving their aesthetics. You can revitalize your flooring to its former beauty without paying for full sanding and refinishing to remove most minor scratches and imperfections. Periodic hardwood floor resurfacing services can protect, minimize, or eliminate the need for complete refinishing at a later date.


We can help restore the original shine of your wood floors without the dust, mess, or odours typically associated with hardwood floor refinishing in Calgary.

What Is Sandless Refinishing Service?

Sandless refinishing is a non-invasive process to refinish hardwood floors in a day without full sanding. Traditional hardwood floor refinishing typically involves sanding the existing surface to remove the top layer of the wood to eliminate scratches, dents, and imperfections before applying a new finish. However, sanding can be expensive, time-consuming, and messy.

Sandless refinishing offers an alternative method that involves an abrading process to the floor to remove the existing finish, applying a bond agent, and then coating with the premium water-based polyurethane finish. Compared to traditional sanding and refinishing services, sandless refinishing usually takes one day and produces minimal dust.

Sandless refinishing can be done on solid hardwood and engineered hardwood floors with minor surface imperfections, wear of the existing floor finish, dullness, and other issues. Additionally, the durability and longevity of the premium water-based finish applied during sandless prolongs the floors' lifespan by up to 7 years.

Experience the benefits of hardwood floor refinishing with our sandless refinishing service in Calgary and the area. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and discover how we can transform your floors with ease, convenience, and exceptional results!

Why OneTwoClean?

Complete in 1 Day

Most jobs are completed within 5-8 hours.

We Save You Money

OneTwoClean costs a fraction of what other companies charge for full sanding and refinishing.

Dustless Process

With our 100% dustless process, you will never have to worry about dust, debris, or other contaminants in your home.

Eco-Friendly Products

No odour or heavy fumes. All of our products and finishes are VOC compliant.

Signs That Your Hardwood Floor Needs Refinishing

Worn Spots

Keep an eye out for areas where the floor looks scratched, dull, or faded. These are signs that the protective coating is wearing thin.

Scratches and Scuffs

Notice any small scratches or marks that have accumulated over time. These can make your floor look tired and in need of a refresh.

Lost Shine

If your floor no longer gleams like it used to, it might be time for some maintenance. A lack of shine suggests the protective layer is wearing off.

Cleaning Hassles

Are you struggling to clean away stubborn stains or dirt? It could be because the protective finish isn't doing its job anymore.

Rough Texture

When the wood starts feeling rough or the grain becomes more pronounced, it's a sign that the protective layer has worn away.

Faded Color

Uneven or faded colouring indicates that the finish has deteriorated, leaving your floor looking less vibrant.

The Difference Between “Sandless Refinishing” and "Full Sanding and Refinishing"?

Sandless Refinishing

Sandless refinishing is a less invasive process designed to revitalize floor appearance and restore the top layer of finish. Sandless refinishing removes minor scratches, scuff marks, and other imperfections without removing the existing stain or layer of wood. The service can be performed both on solid hardwood and engineered hardwood floors.

Duration: Sandless refinishing is a faster and less disruptive service than full sanding. It’s typically completed in one day. It’s often chosen for floors that are still in relatively fair condition but have surface wear, minor scratches, or dullness.

With a sandless refinishing service it is possible to change the sheen level of finish. The floor's stain colour stays the same.

Cost: Sandless refinishing is a cost-effective way to maintain the appearance and protection of your hardwood floors. It extends the life of the floors and prevents the need for full refinishing for a longer period.

Full Sanding and Refinishing

Full sanding and refinishing service provides complete restoration to hardwood floors. Refinishing with sanding involves the removal of the existing finish and a portion of the top layer of the wood itself. It’s an invasive process aimed at fully restoring and transforming the appearance of the floor. Typically, it's feasible for solid hardwood floors with sufficient wood thickness. However, most engineered hardwood floors cannot be sanded.

Duration: Refinishing with sanding typically takes much longer. Sanding requires a minimum of 3 days but could take up to 5 or more days depending on the condition and size of the floor.

Full sanding service allows you to change the sheen level of the finish and the stain colour.

Cost: Full sanding and refinishing is an expensive service. Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere between $7.5 to $10 per square foot.  

In summary, the key difference between sandless refinishing and full refinishing with sanding is the level of intervention and the extent of changes made to the hardwood floor. Sandless refinishing is a maintenance service that eliminates minor surface scratches, restores shine, and adds protection to extend the life of your floors. Full sanding is a more intensive process that completely restores the entire floor, making this service suitable for floors with significant damage or if you want to change the stain colour. The choice between the two services depends on the condition of your hardwood floors and your specific goals for maintenance or complete restoration. We are happy to offer a free consultation to help determine the service that best suits your needs

Restore the Beauty of Wood Floors with No Major Disruption to Your Life.

A hardwood floor brings a sense of natural beauty to a home that is impossible to achieve with other types of flooring. In a way, your flooring makes the whole look of your home. It can elevate the look or ruin it completely. In addition, hardwood floors are one of the most expensive assets in your house.
Properly maintaining hardwood floors is essential if you want them to last as long as possible. You can't avoid scratching, scuffing, and dirtying your hardwood floors, no matter how hard you try. As a result, professional floorcare services for wood floors are just as essential as cleaning other types of flooring. Floor refinishing service in Calgary is an affordable way to keep your hardwood in pristine condition.

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hardwood floor refinishing in Calgary
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