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area rug cleaning service in Calgary

Area Cleaning in Calgary

You can enjoy clean and fresh area rugs with the help of the specialists at OneTwoClean! We have experience in the rug and carpet cleaning industry and we know what it takes to bring you the best service and results – each and every time!

Give us a call today or book online to get your free quote!

  • Expertly cleaned rugs of the highest quality by professionals

  • We use up-to-date equipment and tools

  • Our goal is to provide our customers with a great rug cleaning service.

  • Eco-friendly & Non-Harsh Solutions

  • Flexible Schedule

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Area Rug Cleaning in Calgary You Can Trust

There is no doubt that area rugs can add so much character to any room. It is true, however, that area rugs often receive quite a bit of traffic.

Like carpets, area rugs act as natural air purifiers, collecting dirt, mites, and germs and keeping them flowing to interior spaces. For rugs to perform this function effectively, they must be cleaned and treated correctly. You need to clean your carpets and rugs on a regular basis, just as you should maintain your heat or air conditioning system. OneTwoClean provides exceptional rug cleaning services in Calgary and surrounding areas that restore rugs to their natural beauty while removing dust and contaminants.

Rugs are cleaned and dried in our gentle, yet effective, process, preserving their dyes and enhancing their vivid colours. Since our cleaning products don't leave residue, your rugs stay cleaner for a longer period of time.

When beautiful rugs get dirty, and damaged and accumulate contaminants such as pathogens, dust, grime and spills, it can be a real disappointment, but OneTwoClean's skilled team is here to restore them to the best possible condition.

We use specialized equipment and solutions to achieve astonishing results with rug cleaning. Our cleaning process provides professional quality cleaning services with the ability to perform most jobs on-site.

Benefits of Our Rug Cleaning Service

The benefits of having your rugs cleaned professionally by OneTwoClean in Calgary go beyond making them look and feel like new. Area rugs tend to collect pollutants and allergens. It can include pet dander, dust, dirt, drink spills, and food. Over time this can create gasses that can be released into the air resulting in an odour. These can also be kicked up by simply giving your rugs regular vacuuming. Every time someone walks on the area rug, this can also kick up these pollutants and allergens. Our process will clean deep into the fibre to remove everything leaving them clean and reducing allergens. 

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