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hardwood floor refinishing in Calgary

Hardwood Refinishing Service in Calgary Just in 1 Day Without Sanding

Why Choose Us?

Complete in 1 Day

Most jobs are completed within 5-8 hours.

We Save You Money

OneTwoClean costs a fraction of what other companies charge for full sanding and refinishing.

Dustless Process

With our 100% dustless process, you will never have to worry about dust, debris, or other contaminants in your home.

Eco-Friendly Products

No odour or heavy fumes. All of our products and finishes are VOC compliant.

No Sanding, No Fumes, Complete in a Day!

before hardwood floor refinishing service in Calgary


after hardwood floor refinishing service in Calgary


What Is Sandless Refinishing Service?

Sandless refinishing involves abrasion of the existing finish and application of two coats of the new finish. This process restores the natural sheen, removes minor scratches and imperfections, and reveals your hardwood floors in pristine condition. Sandless refinishing costs a fraction of the traditional sanding and refinishing service. 

We can help restore the original shine of your solid hardwood or engineered floors without the dust, mess, or fumes typically associated with hardwood floor sanding and refinishing service. And yes, the job is
complete in 1 day instead of 5 to 7 days! 

See Our Results

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dustless wood floor refinishing in Calgary.webp
resurface hardwood floors Calgary
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Types of Floors We Service

Solid Hardwood Floors

Engineered Hardwood.webp

Engineered Wood Floors


Vinyl (LVP) Floors

3 Easy Steps To Revive Your Hardwood Floors

Schedule Your Free Consultation
Our team member will visit your property after receiving your request and provide you with a quote for the service.  
Prepare for the Service
We will coordinate our services and plan the day of arrival. We will also discuss what furniture needs to be moved and other details regarding the service
Enjoy Your Floors
We will arrive to restore your floors. Usually, most jobs are completed in 5-8 hours. We will revive your floors and you can enjoy them by dinner time!
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We Offer More Than Just Wood Floor Refinishing in Calgary 

We offer a variety of wood floor care services. If you have any questions regarding which service is best for you, call us. 

hardwood floor refinishing service Calgary
Sandless Refinishing

Our sandless refinishing service is a great way to restore your floors without full sanding and refinishing service. In just one day, we will bring your floors back to their stunning condition at a fraction of the cost of a full restoration.  

hardwood floor cleaning Calgary
Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Many homeowners may be surprised that their hardwood floors require professional hardwood deep cleaning to eliminate embedded dirt and grime and to protect floors. Contact us for a free estimate today! 

wax removal service Calgary
Hardwood Wax Removal

If you have been applying floor polishes or enhancers for years, they could hide the natural beauty of your floors. It might be the time to have this build-up removed and reveal the natural look of your hardwood floors. 

Discover Sandless Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Calgary

Are your wood floors dull, scratched, worn, or unsightly? Refinish your hardwood floors with OneTwoClean in just one day! We help to rejuvenate hardwood floors that need some TLC.

Our dustless, one-day floor refinishing process is simple, effective, and affordable compared to full sanding and refinishing. We provide quality-driven service to all of our customers, allowing them to enjoy the convenience of our hardwood refinishing in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Experience timeless beauty with our trendy floor care services. Along with hardwood sandless refinishing, we also provide hardwood, carpet, and vinyl floor cleaning services. Our floor care services embrace modern aesthetics to make your space a more beautiful place to live. Contact us for the estimate today!

Restore the Natural Charm of Your Wood Floors in Calgary

Hardwood floors are a timeless feature in any home, and they add a natural charm that is hard to replicate. However, over time, they can lose their natural shine and lustre. Our professional cleaning service can restore the natural beauty of your hardwood floors, bringing out the rich colours and grain patterns and creating a warm ambiance that will make your home feel inviting and cozy.

refinish hardwood floors Calgary

The Benefits of Resurfacing Your Wood Floors

Enhanced Appearance and Beauty

The OneTwoClean hardwood resurfacing process will make your floors look vibrant and rejuvenated! Our proprietary materials reduce the appearance of wear and tear and revitalize your floors instantly. Upgrade your home’s value with OneTwoClean, and enjoy your beauty refinished hardwood floors.

resurface hardwood floor Calgary
refinish wood floor Calgary
Cost-Effective Service Compared to Full Refinishing and Sanding

OneTwoClean offers exceptional value, sustainable quality, and a seamless, effective way to improve the appearance of wood floors. With our help, you can extend the life of your hardwood floors and elevate your home’s value.

Protect Your Investment

Your hardwood floors were a significant investment in your property, restoration ensures that your investment remains intact. By extending the life of your floors, you maximize the returns on your initial expenditure.

wood floor refinishing service
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