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Terms and Conditions

All prices are subject to change without notice.

The area is defined as any individual room, bedroom, living room, den, office, large hallway and another area up to 150 sq. ft. or a set of stairs up to 13 standard-size steps. If the area exceeds 150 sq. ft. it may be considered as 2 or more areas or incur an extra cost. After 13 staircase steps, there is a charge of $3.5 per staircase step. 

The first hallway up to 50 sq. ft. is free. If a first hallway is larger than 50 sq. ft. it may be counted as an area.  Additional hallway up to 50 sq. ft. is $25.

Area size counts from wall to wall and the presence of furniture does not affect on measurements. 

All prices listed are valid for normal soil level carpet cleaning. Heavy or extreme soil levels may increase the cost of the service. The standard carpet cleaning process includes pre-inspection,  UV light inspection, applying pre-spray treatment, pre-vacuum, dirt and soil extraction process (encapsulation cleaning method or hot water extraction cleaning), and post-inspection.

The optimal carpet cleaning method is determined by the carpet cleaning technician

To increase cleaning performance, customers can add add-on services like rotary machine deep power scrubbing and agitation, Enzyme, Citrus, or Oxygen Boosters, Deodorizer, Pet Stain and Urine Treatment, Filtration Soil Treatment, and Advanced Stain and Spot Treatment for tough stains.

A carpet cleaning technician has the right to recommend add-on services accordingly to carpet condition to reach optimal cleaning results. If the customer declines add-on services carpet cleaning technician can proceed cleaning job with no guarantees or has the right to decline the job.

The minimum booking amount for carpet cleaning is $119. Minimum booking amount valid for Calgary and Chestermere city limits only.


Travel Fee Applies for the following locations:

Airdrie $45

Okotoks $60

Bragg Creek $60

Cochrane $45

Balzac $45

Langdon $45

Add-on services cannot be included in the service minimum booking amount price and charged as additional services and cannot be substituted with other services.

For condos, apartments, and townhomes a service fee of $15-$25 may apply. The service fee depends on the difficulty of logistics and parking location.

A downtown parking fee of $10 applies for each service in a Downtown area without free parking.

A cancellation fee of $50 may apply if the customer cancels an appointment in less than 48 hours.

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