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How to Prepare for Your Appointment

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Before, During and After Your Cleaning


We are excited to serve you for your upcoming cleaning appointment. To ensure you have an enjoyable experience with our cleaning team, please follow the list below to prepare for your service. The list ensures that expectations are clear, and we can perform at our best! 


Before the cleaning


  • Make sure there is a parking spot available for our van.

  • Please pre-vacuum all carpeted areas that are going to be cleaned. If you'd like our technician to take of vacuuming, please let us know in advance. Vacuuming by our technician costs extra.

  • Remove any piles of clothes, toys, and other items from the carpet that will hinder your cleaning technician. 

  • Relocate delicate and breakable items.

  • Do move any large furniture you want us to clean under or behind. Our staff does not move any furniture to prevent accidents, damages, and/or hurting themselves. Moving furniture during the cleaning is not allowed.

  • Hang up your curtains/drapes.

  • Please make sure there is access to any toilet with the bathtub so we can fill our equipment with clean water and dispose of dirty water after we finish the service.

  • Secure your pets so they are safe while we clean. The process is noisy and can be stressful for your furry friends.

  • Should anything change, please reschedule/cancel your booking no later than 48 hours before your scheduled service to prevent a rescheduling/cancellation fee of $75.


During the cleaning


  • If you are home when the carpet cleaning technician arrives, that’s great. We will happily work around you, allowing you to carry out your normal activities. If you are not home, our team will perform carpet cleaning while you are out going about your day.

  • Please take caution! There is a lot of noise during this process, and it is recommended to wear hearing protection or headphones to avoid discomfort to your ears during the process.

  • Moving the furniture during the cleaning process is not allowed.

  • Please ensure you do NOT have any other vendors or contractors working in the home at the time of the carpet cleaning service. We will have to reschedule if there are contractors in the way of our cleaning.


After the cleaning


  • It is important to ensure that the carpet is fully dry before placing any furniture on it to avoid damaging the furniture and/or carpet. 

  • Please note that the carpet will be damp after the carpet cleaning process. Because it is damp, caution should be taken when walking on non-carpeted areas such as tile and wood flooring. These non-carpeted areas will remain slippery until the carpets completely dry. Care should also be taken not to track outside debris onto the damp carpet.

  • After the initial visit, we may follow up, asking for your honest feedback on our services.

  • In the unlikely event that we don't meet your expectations, we'll return and make it right. Whenever you experience any issue with your cleaning plan, including any oversights or misunderstandings, let us know within 48 hours so we can arrange a re-clean.

Please call us at 403-690-0244 if you have any questions regarding your appointment.

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