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Pet Stain and Odour Treatment in Calgary

Pet deposits in the carpet are more complicated than meets the eye (or nose). Even though odours and pet stains aren't the most pleasant topics to talk about, we are happy to explain how you can get rid of them permanently.  

Prevent Harmful Bacteria Growth


The pH of your pet's urine is five or six when it first pees on your carpet. In combination with the warm, damp environment beneath your carpet, those low numbers become a breeding ground for bacteria. To prevent creating the ideal environment for harmful bacteria, you need to have your carpets cleaned.

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Take action quickly!


You have a better chance of permanently eliminating pet stains and odours if you remove pet messes as soon as possible. Your carpet is likely to become stained by urine and fecal matter because of the proteins they contain. A stain becomes worse the longer they are allowed to bind. These binding proteins can be loosened and liquefied through our pet treatments, but a fast response is crucial.

Eliminates Lasting Residues


Do you ever wonder why after you believe you have removed a urine stain, it reappears? The reason for this is that urine dries to leave behind crystalline residue. Moisture or humidity, even in the slightest amount, can reactivate stains and odours. Pet odour and stain removal can be extremely difficult without the assistance of a professional carpet cleaning company that specializes in this process.

Attacks Stains and Odors at Their Roots

In addition to our deep carpet cleaning, we apply a specialized urine-dissolving solution designed to break down urine proteins, thus removing stains and odours. Moreover, we inject a specially created treatment into the padding underneath your carpet to break the odour molecular chain.


FACT 1. 

Carpets never fully dry out of urine. As a result, it soaks into the backing and remains wet for a very long time. Urine will absorb moisture from the air when it becomes humid, which will reactivate the odour. That's why urine odour can come back years later.

FACT 2. 

You might notice a spot the size of a baseball on the surface of your carpet, but it may actually be the size of a large dinner plate underneath.

Pet Urine Odour removal Calgary

FACT 3. 

Proteins in urine bind yellow pigment to carpet fibers like glue. In the process, we use liquefies and break down these proteins. It is this process that releases the stain from the fibers.

FACT 4. 

A critical element is timing. A spot left on your carpet for an extended period of time is at greater risk of losing its colour or becoming permanently discoloured.

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