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Carpet cleaning in Calgary


Quality-driven carpet cleaning service in Bragg Creek. Owner-operated and local company. Request your carpet cleaning quote online or call us for a free estimate!

We Clean Carpets in Bragg Creek and the Area

Carpet mysteries, stain puzzles – we're fluent in the language of grime. Do you have a pet stain that thinks it is part of the decor now? We'll have a chat with it. Red wine spill making like an unwelcome guest appearance? Consider them evicted. Our approach is down-to-earth, just like your favourite coffee spot. No frills, no fluff, just the satisfaction of looking at your carpets and thinking, "Wow, they look so good!"

What is Included in Standard Service

 Carpet Inspection 

✔ Set-Up and Home Protection

Basic Pre-Spotting

✔ Premium Pre-Spray

Topical Deodorizer

Double Jet Steam Cleaning

✔ Empowered Rinse™

✔ Post-Inspection

Why Choose Us for Carpet Cleaning in Bragg Creek?

We provide superior residue-free carpet cleaning in Bragg Creek and surrounding areas. Along with our advanced cleaning methods and experienced technicians, our reasonable pricing for carpet cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and pet stain/odour removal service make OneTwoClean your “most preferred” carpet cleaner. Book us today!

  • Powerful deep cleaning

  • Quick and efficient

  • Eco-friendly products

  • Includes pre-treatment

  • No residue behind

  • The carpet stays cleaner longer

  • Transparent pricing

  • Licensed and insured

  • Reduces dust mites, mould and allergens

  • Safe for children and pets

  • Basic odours neutralization

What Our Clients Say

Madisen H.

So easy to book online. Very friendly, excellent quality, professional, knowledgeable and great price! I am very happy with my experience. I will definitely be using them again

Patty T.

I called and asked if they could clean my parent's basement carpet in 2 days and they were able to accommodate on short notice. I was really impressed with the quality of their work and how quickly they did it as well.

Daria L.

Fast and quality service. Friendly, accurate and knowledgeable specialist arrived on time. I could not believe my eyes when he was done cleaning how carpets changed.. Thank you guys so much! I was not expecting such a great result! 

Best Carpet Cleaning Prices in Bragg Creek

Transparent Pricing! Our affordable pricing always includes basic pre-spotting, premium pre-conditioning, deep cleaning and topical deodorizer. The only additional fees would be your choice if you would like to add pet stain and odour treatment, heavy-duty cleaning or difficult stain restorative treatment. We always provide free written price quotes.
Free Estimate. Easy Online Booking. There is never any pressure or obligation to schedule service. We can give you a quote that best suits your needs, and then we can get to work.

Inspect, Measure, Quote, Clean! We’ll do a thorough pre-inspection of your carpet, measure it, and give you a guaranteed quote. If you accept the quote, we’ll begin performing a carpet cleaning service.

Difficult spot or stain treatment costs extra, but we notify you beforehand. We do not hide anything in our pricing. Extra charges apply ONLY for stains requiring special techniques or products. A visual inspection is required to provide a quote. 

What are Difficult Spots and Stains? Typical difficult stains include coloured stains (red/green/blue), paint, nail polish, marker/ink, filtration soil, gum, and pet stains.


Carpet cleaning service in Bragg Creek that leaves your home fresher and healthier.

Pet Stain and Odor

Service helps to eliminate pet stains and odours caused by urine, vomit, feces etc.

couch cleaning in Calgary.png

Revitalize your furniture with our furniture and mattress cleaning service.

Steam Carpet Cleaning in Bragg Creek

Our residue-free and eco-friendly cleaning method is designed to revitalize your carpets. We extract dirt, soil, grit and grime from your carpet using a high-powered hot water extraction carpet cleaning process. Our method leaves no residue and allows the carpets to stay clean longer. 

We can help revitalize your carpets with our residue-free and eco-friendly cleaning service in Bragg Creek. We extract all the dirt, grime, and other contaminants from your carpet using our powerful steam carpet cleaning technology without any harsh chemicals. Our cleaning method leaves no excessive water and allows the carpets to dry in a few hours. 

The cleanliness of your carpet lasts longer with our thorough cleaning process. We use top-quality products that are safe for kids and pets. Besides reducing the amount of germs, allergens, and dust mites, our professional carpet cleaning service in Bragg Creek leaves a fresh aroma behind. We also use special agents to remove residue if you applied a household-grade cleaning solution or used other DYI cleaning methods in the past. After your carpet cleaning service, you will receive tips on how to maintain your carpet after your carpet cleaning service.

OneTwoClean is proud to provide the best possible carpet cleaning in Bragg Creek and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Move-out and Move-In Carpet Cleaning in Bragg Creek

Moving into a new home or out of your current one – it's a whole deal! If you're saying goodbye to your place, consider a decent carpet cleaning in Bragg Creek to boost your house-selling game or ensure your deposit finds its way back into your pocket. And for the welcome party in your new place? How about kicking things off with some dang good carpet cleaning service? Because, honestly, who knows what those carpets went through with the last occupant! 

Your #1 Local Carpet Cleaning Service in Bragg Creek 

Do you have carpets that have seen better days? Say no more! At OneTwoClean, we're not into fancy rhetoric – just good quality carpet cleaning service in Bragg Creek, minus the expensive price tag.

We roll with the classics, none of that hype talk. Hot water extraction, or as the cool kids say, "steam carpet cleaning," is our specialty. Imagine a spa for your carpets – pressurized hot water showing dirt, grime, and stains on the exit door. Our powerful all-electric equipment? It's like the superhero your carpets never knew they needed, sucking up soil, spills, and allergens like a pro.

But we're not stopping at appearances. Our steam carpet cleaning in Bragg Creek isn't just a makeover; it's a game-changer for your living space. We don't just clean carpets; we give your home a breath of fresh air. Clean carpets, happy home – it's that simple.

So, if your carpets need some TLC, why not give OneTwoClean a shout? We'll have your carpets looking so fresh and clean that even your neighbour's envy will want cleaning.

staircase carpet cleaning Calgary

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for my appointment?

  • Please remove clothing, toys, and other small items from the floor. Ensure that the floor is clear of any clutter. 

  • Place any small light furniture pieces and any breakable items in a location that will not be in someone's way during the cleaning process. 

  • Put your pets in a safe place out of the work areas. 

  • Ensure there is a parking spot available near the entrance.

Do you have a minimum charge for a service?

  • Yes, our minimum booking is $150 plus GST.

What is the recommended frequency of professional carpet cleaning?

  • Keeping your carpet looking its best requires a professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months. 

Is it okay if I'm not home when the carpet is being cleaned?

  • Not a problem! Even if you're not at home, we can clean your carpets. Our cleaning team will notify you when they arrive, begin, and complete their work. Then, we will email you a detailed photo report. Please note we expect an advance payment if you are not present during the service.

Where can I find carpet cleaning services near me?

  • We provide carpet cleaning services in Calgary. We also cover Airdrie, Chestermere, Cochrane, and Bragg Creek. Contact us at 403-690-0244 if you would like to know if we service your area. 

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