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Heavy-Duty Carpet Cleaning in Calgary

Heavy-duty carpet cleaning is necessary for situations out of the scope of the standard cleaning process. These situations typically include but are not limited to carpets that weren't cleaned within the last 12-18 months, carpets with extreme soil levels, rental properties where tenants ruined the carpets, serious pet urine issues, and post-construction clean-ups.

The heavy-duty carpet cleaning process uses specialty spot treatments, deep scrubbing and a combination of advanced cleaning products to achieve the best possible cleaning results.

Suppose a situation outside of the standard cleaning exists. A cleaning technician will determine the additional time, products, techniques, and resources needed and provide you with a quote. The cost of added services and products for heavy-duty carpet cleaning depends on carpet condition and can be determined at the location. We will notify a customer if we need to add additional services, and approval is required before the job starts.

At OneTwoClean, we're not into fancy rhetoric – just good heavy-duty carpet cleaning service in Calgary with special cleaning products designed to tackle the most complicated jobs.

For heavy-duty cleaning, we roll with the classic hot water extraction method, or as the cool kids say, "steam carpet cleaning". Imagine a spa for your carpets – pressurized hot water showing dirt, grime, and stains on the exit door. Our powerful all-electric equipment? It's like the superhero your carpets never knew they needed, sucking up soil, spills, and allergens like a pro.

But we're not stopping at appearances. Our steam carpet cleaning in Calgary isn't just a makeover; it's a game-changer for your living space. We don't just clean carpets; we give your home a breath of fresh air. Cleaner carpets, happier home – it's that simple.

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