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hardwood floor wax removal service

Hardwood Floor Wax and Acrylic Build-Up Removal in Calgary

Hardwood Floor Wax Removal Service

Wax removal service is ideal for homeowners who want to remove wax/acrylic residue and restore their hardwood floors, engineered wood floors, laminate or vinyl floors. When you use store-bought wax, oil, or acrylic-based cleaners, polishes, and rejuvenators, your floor will look darker and unattractive over time. The main problem is that several layers of wax will build, and the dirt caught between these layers will become more noticeable.

These products are prone to attracting dirt, grime, and bacteria. The buildup darkens the floors over time, making them more likely to scratch and stain. Here at OneTwoClean, we have the knowledge and efficient solutions to solve this problem! Besides removing the wax, we perform a deep cleaning of the floors. In cases where your wooden floors have been affected by wax residue for years, we recommend screening and recoating them. Due to the accumulation of years' worth of residue on your flooring, we need to remove the layers of wax more aggressively, resulting in dull and cloudy floors. 

fogginess and dullness floor due to wax build-up on the hardwood floor
Hardwood floor wax removal is highly labour-intensive, so contact
OneTwoClean to handle that for you. We offer a FREE demo and estimate if you have wax on your wood floors.

Signs That Your Hardwood Floor Has Wax

Sticky or Tacky Feel

When walking barefoot on the floor, if you notice a sticky or tacky sensation underfoot, it could be a sign of wax. This can occur when the protective layer becomes overly thick or hasn't been properly buffed.

Difficulty Cleaning

If cleaning no longer restores the floor's shine or dirt and grime seem to adhere stubbornly to the surface, it may be due to a wax build-up. This layer can trap dirt and make it challenging to clean effectively.

Floor Dullness

Even with regular sweeping and mopping, if the floor still appears dull and lacks lustre, it may be a sign that there's a buildup of wax or acrylic that needs to be addressed.

Yellowing or Discoloration

Over time, wax/acrylic buildup can cause the hardwood to yellow or develop a dull, discolored appearance. This is especially noticeable in areas with heavy foot traffic.

Visible Layers

If you notice a cloudy or hazy layer on the surface of the floor, it could indicate a buildup of wax or acrylic. This layer may appear uneven and detract from the natural shine of the wood.

Water Spots or Rings

Spills that leave behind water spots or rings that don't disappear with regular cleaning could indicate that the protective layer on the hardwood floor has been compromised by wax or acrylic buildup.

remove mop n glo hardwood floors
remove rejuvenate from wood floors

Our Wax Removal Process

  • Our first step is to do a test area of the hardwood floors to see the level of wax presence. ​

  • The second step is floor preparation to soften the wax by applying an emulsifier.​

  • The third step involves removing wax deposits from hardwood floors with an agitation tool and buffers.​

  • The fourth step involves cleaning the hardwood floors with a neutral cleaner to remove the wax and balance the pH of the hardwood.​

  • The fifth step is to buff the hardwood floors to restore the original texture. 

  • We recommend sandless refinishing for solid hardwood floors to return them to their pristine condition.

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hardwood floor polish removal service
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